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Group Profile
Peng Dezhou, Chairman of Yantai Golden Bridge Group Co., Ltd
Executive Committee Member of National Association of Industry and Commerce, Shandong CPPCC Standing Committee Member, Vice President of Shandong Association of Industry and Commerce, Standing Committee Member of Yantai People's Congress, Vice President of Yantai Association of Industry and Commerce, Honorary President of Yantai Charity Federation, Vice President of Yantai Development Zone Association of Industry and Commerce.

Yantai Golden Bridge Group Co., Ltd.

Located in Yantai Economic and Technological Development Zone and established in 1995, Yantai Golden Bridge Group is formerly known as Yantai Development Zone Golden Bridge Construction and Installation Co., Ltd. founded in 1995. The company achieved group development and its development strategy of primarily development of real estate development and engineering construction and auxiliary development of property management, intelligent engineering, new materials as well as supplementary development of finance services and marine biology as emerging industries. After nearly 19 years of innovation and continuous development, the group's core industries and internal management mature, currently the group manages Golden Bridge Real Estate, Jinxin Real Estate, Golden Bridge Construction and Installation, Golden Bridge Property Management, Golden Bridge Naite, Golden Bridge Construction Materials, Golden Bridge Sikeda, Penglai Marine Biology, Golden Bridge Yintong and other wholly owned and controlled subsidiaries. The company is total registered capital reaches 200 million yuan. Based on quality and reputation, Golden Bridge Group steadily expands and strives to achieves the enterprise vision of “eternal Golden Bridge and evergreen foundation”.

The group focuses on the improvement and upgrade of self system and overall strength and applies advanced scientific technologies and management approaches. The company’s production and operation continuously creates new highs. The real estate development, engineering construction and property management take the initiative to pass ISO9001 quality management certification system, and the group company’s current real estate development qualification is Grade II and its total development area exceeds 1.5 million square meters; the housing engineering construction general contracting qualification is Grade I, and the total construction area exceeds 3 million square meters. The construction projects developed by the company receives the “Shandong Engineering Construction Quality Taishan Prize” for several times; the company’s property management qualification is Grade II, and the service management area exceeds 500,000 square meters and it also receives the titles of“Yantai Property Management Excellent Enterprise” and “Star Property Management”.

Golden Bridge Group thoroughly implement the core values of "people-orientation, emphasis on integrity and pursuit of excellence" in providing customers and the society with high quality products and services and employees with large development space. While enhancing its “inner strength”, the group knows well of its social responsibilities and is actively devoted to a multitude of charity causes. The company is awarded by related units of the province and city “Shandong enterprise properly treating migrant workers”, “Shandong AAA Special Grade Creditworthy Enterprise”, “Most Caring Donor of Yantai Charity Prize”, “Yantai Consumers Satisfaction Unit”, truly achieving enterprises interests and social benefits.

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